First Lady Michelle Obama repeated a black and red Michael Kors dress on November 6 when she joined her husband, newly re-elected President Barack Obama, on stage, according to the Huffington Post.

Michelle has worn the dress with different brooches on different occasions previously in 2010 and in 2009. In 2012, she paired the dress with a black cardigan and a low pair of heels.

The Michael Kors dress isn’t the only one that Michelle has repeatedly pulled from her closet. The floral printed Tracy Feith dress, which she wore on her first full day as First Lady, has been repeated so much some speculate it might be her favorite dress. The First Lady also wears several outfits from Gap, according to the Huffington Post.

Michelle’s repeated dresses is part of a growing fashion trend adopted by ladies in the spotlight. Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has also been known to recycle dresses. At Wimbledon this past summer, Middleton wore a cream colored Alexander McQueen sailor-esque dress. She had worn the same ensemble during her Canada visit to Prince Edward Island with Harry last year. Likewise, Middleton wore the same pink dress to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee garden party at Buckingham Palace and the Monarch’s Jubilee lunch at Windsor Castle, events which were only weeks apart. Those are just two examples of the Duchess’ repeated outfits.

The Duchess, known for shopping at affordable stores, takes repeating dresses a step farther and even shares outfits with her mother. Middleton wore a blue Reiss dress to the Treehouse children’s hospice in Ipswich and her mother had worn the same dress to the Ascot in 2010.

Both Michelle and Middleton change their hair and accessories when repeating an already photographed outfit. Their repeated dresses have helped make the leading ladies more relatable to the public and repeating dresses is a wise publicity move in tough economic times. Additionally, shopping at more affordable stores, such as Gap, makes it easier for fans to copy their favorite looks sported by the ladies. Regardless of the reason, the two ladies have become popular fashion icons and we can expect to see more of them, and their repeated dresses, in the future.

Michelle celebrates re-election in repeated dressAP Photo/Charles Dharapak; AP Photo/Jerome Delay