In the new movie "Beautiful Boy" Michael Sheen takes on the role of a parent of a college campus shooter who find their lives wrecked by the carnage created by their son's actions.

The dark movie tells the tale from the other side of the equation, asking whether people can survive, or live, with this rotting feeling of guilt and responsibility.

His parent (Martin Sheen and Maria Bello) realize that their college aged son has emotional issues but have not addressed the issue. Their son then shoots up his college campus and turns the gun on himself.

The newly released synopsis, from Huffington Post, reads:

"Beautiful Boy is an unconventional love story that explores the journey of a married couple on the verge of separation, who must live with unimaginable heartbreak, and find healing through the darkest days of their lives. Bill (Michael Sheen) and Kate (Maria Bello) hopelessly try to find some hint of an explanation after finding out that their only son committed a mass shooting at his university before taking his own life. They struggle numbly through the funeral, the media onslaught, and the awkward pity from relatives and friends. Their already strained marriage is tested as they realize all they have left with each other is their shared grief and confusion-and the unfortunate legacy of their son. This life-altering event forces Bill and Kate to face their feelings of guilt, rage, blame, self-discovery -and ultimately hope- so that they can finally see each other and their chance for happiness again with clear eyes."

After a decade of several shootings on college and school campuses in America this movie is show to strike a chord with its audiences.

The movie won big at the Toronto Film Festival last fall.

Michael Sheen