Justice was at last served last week in the Michael Jackson tragedy when his “doctor” was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, and Michael’s many Irish acquaintances are fondly remembering the time when the King of Pop lived in Ireland for a while back in 2006.

Ray O’Hara acted as chauffeur for Michael and his three children while they resided in Grouse Lodge in Co. Westmeath, where he was working on a new recording. MJ, O’Hara said, couldn’t have been sweeter, and he was determined to purchase real estate in Ireland.

“I brought Michael Jackson to view properties around the country, mainly in Westmeath and around North Dublin,” O’Hara told the Dublin People newspaper.

“Michael came here to live. The man loved the place and the remoteness of Westmeath and the fact that it was just an hour’s drive from Dublin.


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“He spent a lot of time just looking at properties around the place. If he was looking at a property he would make a family picnic out of the day.”

Believe it or not MJ traveled light and without a security detail – just a nanny and tutor for the kids, O’Hara recalled. He was also touched by Michael’s caring nature.

“The man was lovely. At the time in 2006 there were a couple of traveler children who were injured in a car fire. He wanted to go to Crumlin Hospital to visit them and do something for them,” O’Hara says.

“The owner of the Grouse Lodge told him that he couldn’t just walk into the hospital. But that was the nature of the guy and he really wanted to do something for the children.”

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