The world’s largest grossing Irish dance show, Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” will return for a North American tour in 2013.

Michael Flatley, the show’s creator and artistic director, has added new costumes and a new set design featuring a LED wall as well as revised lighting and set designs.

“Lord of the Dance” tells an Irish folktale of the old age battle between good and evil. Don Dorcha, the Lord of Darkness, challenges the Lord of the Dance and battle ensues, meanwhile a passionate love story develops between the Lord of the Dance and the blond Saoirse.

Flatley says of the show: “Fans can expect 21 scenes of precision dancing, dramatic music, colorful wardrobes, and state-of-the-art staging and lighting.”

The cast, which is handpicked by Flatley and dance director Marie Duffy-Pask, features 40 dancers who are ranked as national and worldwide dance champions.

Lee Marshall, the CEO of MagicSpace Entertainment who is promoting the tour, says, “These championship dancers have captivated a new generation of fans, and manage the impossible every night. Their collective spirit and energy takes the audience to a time and place that is as imaginative as it is inviting.”

Lord of the Dance has two troupes that tour the world. Troupe 1 is currently touring Europe and is dancing in Bulgaria and the Czech Republic for the rest of October.

Lord of the Dance premiered at The Point Theatre in Dublin on July 2, 1996 and Flatley danced the title role. The show was written, devised, produced, and choreographed by Flatley. Since then the show has been seen by over 60 million people, including heads of state former President Bush and President Putin, and toured in more than 68 different countries.

The tour will kick off in Ontario, Canada, on January 29 and will visit 54 cities. The tour’s first US show will be at the Grand Theater in Wausau, WI on February 5.

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Here’s the most viewed YouTube clip of “Lord of the Dance”: