Michael Fassbender is in negotiations to star in a new crime flick called “Trespass Against Us”.

The film will be directed by Adam Smith who will be making his debut in directing narrative features. Smith has previously directed the Chemical Brothers documentary called “The Chemical Brothers: Don’t Think” along with episodes of “Doctor Who”.

The film follows the Cutler family, “over three generations live as outlaws, poaching for game, robbing affluent households, and sneering at police authority” reports CinemaBlend. Fassbender will play ‘Chad Cutler’ the protagonist who wants out of the shady ways of his clan and perhaps wants to make an honest, clean living.  Details about the film are still vague and scarce.

Michael Fassbender is best known for his roles in “Prometheus”, “Inglorious Basterds", and an indie called “Shame” about sex addiction. He has also played Bobby Sands in the film “Hunger”.

The Chemical Brothers are set to score the feature and it begins pre-sale at the American Film Market next week. Production is currently scheduled to begin in the UK in 2014.

Right now Fassbender is shooting the Western “Slow West”, in New Zealand with writer-director John Maclean. In January 2014 he is set to play the title role in “Macbeth”, alongside Marion Cotillard.

Fassbender is also being tipped for an Oscar nod this year for one of his two movies now in theaters “12 Years a Slave” and “The Counselor”.