Michael Fassbender hinted that he’s hoping for an Oscar nomination for one of his latest roles.

The German-Irish actor that it would be “icing on the cake.” Fassbender recently played a brutal slave owner in “Twelve Years a Slave” and a lawyer caught up in organized crime in “The Counsellor.”

Both “Twelve Years a Slave” and “The Counsellor” are expected to do well in the next awards season. For his portrayal of a sex addict in “Shame” Fassbender was nominated for a British Academy for Film and Television Award (BAFTA) and a Golden Globe award.

He said about his roles, “I don’t have a litmus test for the darkest role, I just like the script and the story. I don’t know why this happening. It might be time to do a comedy.”

Even if the academy doesn’t give him an award, his fans already have. Fassbender was number eight in Empire’s recent list of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. He placed ahead of Bradley Cooper in tenth place and Hugh Jackman in ninth.

Benedict Cumberbatch took the first place and Robert Downey, Jr took fifth place and Robert Pattinson took sixth place ahead of Fassbender.

E!Online wrote that Fassbender said about the list at the London premiere of “The Counsellor,” “They’re wonderful guys and very handsome, so thank you for packaging me together with them.”