Irish actorMichael Fassbender has been rated the fourth sexiest man in the world and One Direction’sNiall Horanfollowed with 34th ranking in British “Glamour” magazine’s “50 sexiest men of 2012” according to The Herald.

Fassbender, recently seen in “Prometheus”, rose 27 spots from his 33rd  place in 2011. He is also the winner of an Irish Film and TV Academy award in 2012 for his role in “Shame.”

Fassbender has also appeared in films “X-Men: First Class,” and “A Dangerous Method.” The 35 year old actor from Co Kerry will play Edwin Epps in the 2013 film adaptation of Twelve Years A Slave.

Mullingar native Horanwasn’t the only member from One Directionto make the list. Harry Styles is at 21, Zayn Malik is at 27, Louis Tomlinson is at 48, and Liam Payne is at 77.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson kept his title of sexiest man for the fourth year in a row. Pattinson will revive his role as Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn 2 in November according to Glamour Magazine.

Over 40,000 people voted in ‘Glamour’ magazine’s “50 Sexiest Men of 2012” poll.

The top twenty of the “50 Sexiest Men of 2012” are below:
1. Robert Pattinson
2. Tom Hiddleston
3. Johnny Depp
4. Michael Fassbender
5. Benedict Cumberbatch
6. Robert Downey Jr
7. Taylor Lautner
8. Paul Wesley
9. James McAvoy
10. Henry Cavill
11.Cory Monteith
12. Ian Somerhalder
13. Ed Westwick
14. Alexander Skarsgard
15. Joe Manganiello
16. Danny O’Donoghue
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Christian Bale
19. Chris Hemsworth
20. Tom Hardy