Irish actress Katie McGrath has been cast as Lucy Westenra on an upcoming NBC series Dracula.

According to The Irish Film and Television Network, (IFTN) the Wicklow actress will join her ‘The Tudors’ co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Meyers is cast as the fictional vampire for the 10-part series for Sky Living.

Best known for her role as Morgana in BBC series ‘Merlin’, she will play fictional character Westenra, a wealthy London woman who is friends with Dracula’s love interest, Mina Murray.

Irish writer Bram Stoker developed the characters Westenra, Dracula and Murray for his original ‘Dracula’ novel from 1897.

The TV show will focus on Dracula arriving in London posing as an American businessman with intent to modernise science in the 1890’s London. However, the truth is that Dracula is seeking revenge on those responsible for his vampire lifestyle until he falls in love with Mina Murray, therefore changing his plans the IFTN reports.

‘Arrow’ actress Jessica de Gouw portrays Murray in the show while ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Nonso Anozie has been  cast as RM Renfield, Draculas royal friend.

The series was developed by‘Carnivàle’ creator Dan Knauf and will air on NBC in the US and Sky Living in Ireland the UK.

Wicklow actress Kate McGrath as Morgan in BBC's "Merlin"BBC