Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy fell in her platform red heels during her Saturday Night Live monologue last Saturday.

At the beginning of the monologue McCarthy wobbled onto the stage and then used a chair to help balance herself. She then fell while going down the stairs and finished by performing a duet with Taran Killam on her knees.

The actress, who was recently seen in comedies “Identity Thief” and “Bridesmaids,” was hosting SNL for the second time and had not practised walking in her red heels. US Magazine reported she told the audience, “They told me, ‘Make sure you practise in your shoes.’ I said, ‘What, I live in heels!’ But I don’t do that. That was not honest. I’m primarily in a Croc.”

She went on, “I just really wanted to get all gussied up for you guys. Wow, I can’t feel anything from my arch to my toes. You could just bite that half off.”

During SNL McCarthy also did a skit titled “Outside the Lines” about Rutgers basketball head coach, Michael Rice, who was recently fired after a video surfaced of him verbally and physically abusing players. In the five minute sketch McCarthy played Middle Delaware State coach Sheila Kelly. She not only threw basketballs at players as Rice did, she also threw toasters at players because they’re “toast” and drove a golf cart over some players. 

McCarthy did well in her other skits throughout the show which included “Pizza Business” about a leftover pizza eater and “Ham Bake off” that included a song and dance routine in which the word “ham” was continuously repeated.

During the Weekend Update skit, Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage played Peter Drunklage, the brother Bobby Moynihan’s drunk uncle character.

Watch the monologue here:

Melissa McCarthy takes a tumble during her opening monologue on "Saturday Night Live"SNL