Mel Gibson isn’t letting his pariah status in Hollywood get in the way of a new Viking movie he’s planning, and he may even take his camera to Ireland.

Gibson was spotted in Dublin and Connemara, Co. Galway a couple of weeks back to scout locations for a film he’s writing called Berserker -- an appropriate name for sure given Gibson’s recent domestic troubles.  The film will be set in Viking times, and in the spirit of his Oscar winning Braveheart, which was also shot in Ireland, it’ll be packed with action and violence.

Gibson was pictured at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, and during one of his days in Ireland he helicoptered to the west, according to the Galway Tribune.  He reportedly spoke to fish farmers and had lunch in Clifden at the Abbeyglen Hotel.

When Berserker will get green-lighted is anyone’s guess. Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to the project a couple of years ago but pulled out. But Mad Mel is plugging along, even though last two films bombed badly, with one of them going straight to DVD.

“Vikings, as you know, are very unsympathetic characters and these guys will be bad. I sort of hooked up again with Randall Wallace, who did the script on Braveheart. Yeah, it's pretty good. It's called Berserker,” Gibson said at an LA film event earlier this year.