Mel Gibson was too short to play James Bond!

That's the astonishing news coming out from Hollywood this week.

Gibson, who recently celebrated the arrival of his eighth child Lucia with Russian girlfriend Lyudmilla Chernukha, was deemed too tiny for Bond by producer Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli.

Gibson, who clocks in at 5ft 9in frame is just over four inches shorter than Irish star Pierce Brosnan who is 6ft 1.25 in.

In addition, Broccoli felt Gibson was too famous for the role.

Scriptwriter Tom Mankiewicz - who wrote James Bond favourites "The Man With The Golden Gun" and "Live And Let Die" - said: “At one point Mel Gibson wanted to play Bond. And Cubby was against it. Cubby first of all had a thing about tall people.

“Bond had to be tall. And so Mel Gibson was too short. But he was a big star.

"Somebody at United Artists said to me, 'Call him and tell him Mel Gibson would be great.' And Cubby said, 'I don't want to make a Mel Gibson movie, I want to make a James Bond movie.'”

While Mel was desperate to portray James Bond, fellow Hollywood star Gerard Butler recently insisted he would never want to take on the role.

He said:"I enjoy doing an array of films. If I was to play Bond, that would quickly stop. How likely would I be accepted doing those roles after having played Bond?

"People outside of movies think it would be amazing to play 007, but as an actor you think, 'Well I don't know because from then on…'

"You do a lot of movies as Bond and you'd become even more synonymous with the role. I think Daniel Craig is a great Bond and good for him, but I would much rather create a role from nothing."