It was confirmed on Thursday that Megan Fox is to be replaced by Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the next "Transformers" movie which is due to begin filming in the coming weeks.

Am, Who?

Okay so yes she is amazingly beautiful but can she act?

Hang on, this is "Transformers" I'm talking about.. they are all robots.. there is no need to act!


Huntington-Whiteley is 23.

She was born in Devon, England and is a chartered surveyor and fitness instructor.

She hails from some kind of royalty.. Her name comes from her great-great-grandfather, politician Sir Herbert Huntington-Whiteley, 1st Baronet.

In high school, Rosie was voted the "person most likely to become a supermodel."

I guess she took that one seriously.

She has modeled for all the greats; DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Abercrombie & Fitch and has a regular gig with Victoria Secret.

She has even been brave enough to do nude pictorials.

Her similarities to Megan, a tattoo.

She has a heart on her right wrist.

Will she garner the same male attention Megan did?

Time will tell I guess!