The 'Transformers' star says she can't stand the characters she usually plays and would far rather get down and dirty in horror movies as in her new film 'Jennifer's Body'.

She said: "I hate doing school scenes and office scenes; I hate doing mall scenes... if I could do exciting genre films like this and be covered in blood and vomit for the rest of my life, I would be really happy.

"The scenes in which I was covered in blood and break through glass were amazing. In one scene, I'm shoving a whole chicken in my mouth - a whole chicken! I love it; it is so different and original."

Megan said she particularly loved the "gross" outfits she got to wear as her character, an undead cheerleader who kills and eats her classmates.

She told Esquire magazine: "It was so cheese-tastic and so gross and so cheap, I loved it. It was so like how I used to dress when I was in high school because I had no money."