Megan Fox,24, enjoys the business of making movies, but she can’t stand how the job has made her into a celebrity.

Fox says she hates being the subject of gossip sites, which see her deliberately avoiding Hollywood parties because she knows everything she says and does at them will be analyzed by the media.

'I put up a very good front. Of course, for my work I’m very tough-minded and I want to achieve a lot in my career,' she explained. 'But I’m not comfortable in social situations and that’s why I don’t hang around with any Hollywood crowd.'

'I like to be very private and stay in my own little world. Still, it can be tough to deal with the constant attention and being analyzed for everything you say. I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in high school and can’t escape.'

Fox recently married her fiancé Brian Austin Green in a secret ceremony in Hawaii. The couple are enjoying being newlyweds, but Megan has denied rumors they are already trying for a baby.

'I don’t know where these reports are coming from. Down the road, I would love to have children, but now I need to work a lot and establish myself. I also want some time for myself.'