Glamorous Irish-American actress and model Megan Fox, 23, has been confirmed to replace Victoria Beckham as the female face of Armani next year.

Fox will appear in the Italian fashion leaders women’s wear ads from 2010 onward. Fox will also front for Armani Jeans in a campaign that will be shot in L.A. this week.

But not everyone is so enamored of the emerging young starlet. Fox has reportedly run afoul of her “Transformers” director Michael Bay by bad mouthing his blockbuster films in the press (in the process irritating the legions of irate fan boys who are already openly suggesting how her character Mikaela can be bumped off in “Transformers 3”).

Probably not a good idea to call your director “Hitler” and suggest you’d need an MIT degree to understand his films.

Not since Paris Hilton got stiffed in the “House of Wax” remake has the Internet been so lit up anticipating the demise of a young star.

Maybe that’s why a stint as a celebrity model is looking good to the Irish-American actress, whose ancestors hail from County Tipperary, right now.