It’s as if she doesn’t want to be outdone by Robert Pattinson in the sexiness stakes. In a new video for Armani, Megan Fox pouts and does her thing, wearing little but a minimalist set of Armani undergarments.

The video is shot in black and white. The camera focuses on Megan’s beautiful face and long hair, before lingering on her lovely figure, and the Armani logo on her underpants. Megan’s tattoos have been digitally removed, as they have also been for the billboard posters in the Armani campaign.

Fox, who is 23, has replaced Victoria Beckham as the face of Armani.

Just last weekend the “Transformers” star caused a stir when she appeared in the Super Bowl ad in a bath full of bubbles. There, she was advertising a Motorola phone. Cellphones, lingerie – who cares about acting, eh?

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