Megan Fox has the hots for Conan O'Brien!

Irish American chat show host Conan O’Brien got a pleasant surprise on Thursday evening's “The Tonight Show” when the hottest women in the world, Irish-American actress Megan Fox, said that she had a long-time crush on him.

“I like guys that are really smart and funny, and I have an affinity for guys who are really tall and have red hair,” said Fox slyly as Conan played along.

“I’ve had a crush on you for a long time, it’s true," continued the sex siren. “There are two things I really like about you and a lot of women would agree with me. I really enjoy your string dance and I really like when you sing in that falsetto, that Irish falsetto."

“So if I did that you would fall in love with me,” said Conan in reply.

“Completely,’ answered Fox

And our Conan duly set off into a rendition of “Danny Boy’ in his unique un John McCormack like singing voice.

“I’m blushing,” said Fox, who wasn’t really, but she did seem amused.

It was O'Brien who had the last word before going to break

“Hope the wife isn’t watching this one!”

Fox was on the shoe to promote her new film "Jennifer's Body," which opens today.