Actress Megan Fox called her co star Chris O’Dowd a comic genius.

She told The Sun about the Boyle native, “Oh Chris is a genius. He’s a complete genius and one of my favorite comic actors. We had so much fun working together.” Fox and O’Dowd worked together on the film “Friends with Kids.” She added, “I loved him in Bridesmaids and in Girls and can’t wait to see more of what his mad mind comes up with.”

O’Dowd has joined Judd Apatow’s next comedy, which also stars Fox, Apatow’s wife Leslie Mann, and Paul Rudd.

Fox also likes comedian Jason Segel. She said, “He and Jason Segel just cracked me up all the time we were working on this movie.”

Fox gave birth to a healthy baby boy two months ago. She named her boy Noah Shannon. She chose Shannon as a second name because she wanted to honor her Irish roots and she believes Shannon is a popular boy’s name in Ireland. Fox has been with her partner Brian Austin Green for almost ten years and married him last year. He has a ten year old son from a previous relationship.

Being a mother has changed her perspective on many things and has changed how she chooses film roles. She said, “I will definitely be more cautious when it comes to choosing movie roles, because I’m already thinking about when he’s at school and his friends are going to be showing him my GQ photo shoots with the water hose and the bikini!” She added, “And he’s going to be horrified. So I think that will deter me from making some of those same choices again!”

She says that she gained 23 pounds during the pregnancy and is trying to lose ten pounds. The actress is sore and tired, making a visit to the gym less than ideal. “I am so in love with my baby and I just don’t want to be away from him. I don’t want to be at the gym. I want to be at home and I don’t want to diet.”

Fox, who has followed a vegan diet for years, has been eating a lot of sugar since giving birth. She claims she just couldn’t stop eating sugar for two weeks after he was born.

Fox said, “After he was born, I had the most incredible sweet tooth and I was eating entire lemon meringue pies.” Fox has a sense of humor about it all. “But hey, I just housed a whole human being, so I think I look in great shape considering.”