Megan Fox and U2 have been panned for their performances on the season premier of Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Fox - currently promoting the oddball movie "Jennifer's Body" - was totally overshadowed by co-star Jenny Slate who dropped the F word during their skit.

Mind you, Slate's in good Irish company for that one. Bono dropped the F word during the 2003 Golden Globes awards and actor Colin Farrell let loose during an interview with CNN last year.

However, the opening night to SNL's 35th season really failed to take off.

Megan is a competent actress but comedy seems to be her weak spot. It could have been the writing but it appears as if she just doesn't have the flair or the timing. Her date skit was mind-numbingly awful while it's a big Nyet to the Russian bride one. "Biker Chit Chat" was marginally better but that's when Slate accidentally slipped up and dropped the F word.

As for U2. Well, they were awful. Yeah, I've said it. They were dreadful on the show and they should never have been allowed to do three songs.

Clearly the touring must be getting to them.

And who decided they should do three new songs?

Jeez- they should have kept at least one well-known one.

If they were looking for new fans, I don't think they found what they were looking for on SNL.

And as for Megan? There's nothing funny about her comedy at all.