PHOTOS – Sinead O’Connor through the years photo gallery

Having appeared for the first time in five years in her hometown of Bray, County Wicklow, Sinead O’Connor has been met by a frosty reception from fashionistas and judging eyes around the globe.

Outlets such as CBS and Fox News are referring to the Irish singer’s appearance as “unrecognizable” and asking if she’s the same person who rocked the charts in 1990 with “Nothing Compares to You”.

Last weekend O’Connor performed as a backup singer for reggae artist Natty Wailer. She wore all black, with a partly sheer top, blazer, pants and a large cross around her neck.

However I’m sure that some of them have changed in appearance since the 1990s. Now 44-years-old and with a massively successful, albeit controversial and tumultuous career, behind her is it fair for the international press to judge this mother of four so harshly?
PHOTOS – Sinead O’Connor through the years photo gallery

Shy Sinead O’Conor plays her first hometown gig in five years – VIDEO

Sinead O’Connor lets it all hang out
CBS spoke about the “internet buzz” that the “unrecognizable” O’Connor had caused and described her as “sporting a fuller figure, glasses and longer hair.”

Fox News
commented on O’Connor’s once “model-esque good looks” and she “barely resembles her former self”.

The Examiner described O’Connor as having an “Irish angelic voice” but described her “unrecognizable” look as “dowdy”. They even went as far to compare the anti-Church campaigning singers as being easily “mistaken for a nun in civilian clothes. O’Connor carried over none of the glamour or glitz from her hay day.

What is most certainly true is that bad fashion sense or not O’Connor is still a world class Irish musician. Even Fox News agreed saying that she is “no doubt the soulful singer she always was.”

Her fans will most certainly stand by her and her amazing talent as she continues her tour across Europe.

PHOTOS – Sinead O’Connor through the years photo gallery