THE singer Meatloaf - you know him from his hit singles like "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" - caused a stir in Donegal of all places during the recent Bundoran Live music festival, where he was the headline performer.

No, it wasn't the weather or the price of everything that got Meat's goat, but rather the safety of the venue where he was supposed to perform. He expressed reservations about the set-up and security which forced the cancellation of his show, but the concerns were rectified and the concert went off without a hitch the following evening.

Meat, though, let out a few zingers about the venue where he was performing, and also questioned a local town councilor, Sean McEniff, about why he thought the show should have proceeded on the first night without the modifications put in place.

"You can thank me for saving your f***ing lives. This f***ing tent would have fallen down all around you," Meatloaf bellowed to the audience at his show.

The cuss words continued and were pretty much aimed in the direction of McEniff, who Meat didn't actually name. But McEniff was quoted in a number of Irish newspapers stating that the show should have taken place as originally planned.

"His remarks, which were made in the public domain and quoted in another newspaper, are both slanderous and defamatory and are totally unacceptable," McEniff told the Donegal Democrat newspaper.

"I have been in public life for over 50 years and am well used to people taking the odd swing at me, but nothing of such a personal and defamatory nature. I can now confirm that I have instructed my legal team to issue proceedings against the singer for his slanderous remarks."

No word from Meat's camp on how they plan to respond to any forthcoming lawsuit.