The 2nd Annual McMenamin Academy Feis on August 14, 2011 was held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Irish dance families who also registered for the Milwaukee Feis on August 13th were in for a weekend of back-to-back feising fun! After opening ceremonies and anthems, competitions got started right away with figures and first feis competitions.

Here are the Open Champion results as tabulated by our friends at FeisWorx! Visit FeisWorx for complete results.

Open Champion Boys under 13:
1st McKimmon Engelhardt (McNulty School of Irish Dance)
2 Michael Wall (Cashel-Dennehy)
3 Henry Schnabel (Richens-Timm, Indiana)
4 Raphael Hallerman (Rince Nia Academy)
Open Champion Boys under 15:
1st Donovan Lyon (Rince Nia Academy)
2nd Mitchell Hollman (Glencastle Irish Dancers)
Open Champion Girls under 12:
1st Sophie Steigerwald (Cashel-Dennehy)
2 Mairead King (Dillon-Gavin)
Open Champion Girls under 14:
1st Kristen Anklewicz (Sheila Tully Academy)
2 Gabby Hughes (Sheila Tully Academy)
3 Sarah Elizabeth Hubbard (Trinity Academy)
4 Suzanne O'Meara (Cashel-Dennehy)
Open Champion Girls under 16:
1st Rachel Knapp (Dillon-Gavin
2Tie Finola Hughes (Cashel-Dennehy) and Emma Reynolds (Mulhern)
4 Ashley VanHandel (Yeates Academy of Irish Dance, OR)
Open Champion Girls under 18:
1st Mina Margaret (Rince Nia Academy)
2 Allison Wall (Cashel-Dennehy)
3 Katie Wilhelms (Trinity Academy)
Open Champion Ladies 18 & Over:
1st Kathleen Jorgensen (Cashel-Dennehy)
2 Ellen Harris (Cashel-Dennehy)
3 Caitlin Livingston (O'Hare School of Irish Dance)
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