“BICO”-that was the advice Irish acting legend, Maureen O'Hara had for models during a photo shoot this week.

Belly-in-chest-out, was the top advice offered by the 90-year-old, to the four Grace Kelly lookalikes she was posing with for the launch of the new Newbridge line of jewelry.

"They used to say that to us, so the rest of the set didn't hear," she explained.

The “Quiet Man” star was dressed elegantly yesterday in a black suit decorated with some of the latest accessory items from the the Kildare jewelry designers range.

Maureen wore an triple strand pearl necklace as she unveiled the 'The Princess Grace Collection of Jewellery' at the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons last Thursday.

Priced at just over $200 (€150) the pearls modeled by the Irish actress are the most expensive piece in the collection.

"It's very fabulous," she declared, "but by the time you pay taxes, bills, mortgages, what is there left for fancy stuff?"

When she was asked about her secrets to looking so good she hinted it was all down to genetics: "be born to the right mother and father," she said.

Maureen was the guest of honor at the gala screening of a documentary about “The Quiet Man” at the Cork Film Festival this weekend.

The documentary included testimony from O'Hara along with contributions from Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich and Ford’s biographer, Joseph McBride.