Maureen O’Hara was cut off during her Oscar acceptance speech in Hollywood on Saturday night when she received an honorary Oscar from Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson.

The New York Times reports that O’Hara (94), who was in a wheelchair, became angry at being cut off and kicked off her left shoe before Clint Eastwood wheeled her off stage.

The Times reports that O’Hara appeared on stage and quitened a boisterous crowd while softly singing “Danny Boy.”

The paper stated that “It took the still-fiery Ms. O’Hara, wearing a blue sparkling gown and using a wheelchair, to fully command the room’s attention. Introduced by Clint Eastwood and Liam Neeson with a montage of her famous roles (“How Green Was My Valley,” “Miracle on 34th Street”), Ms. O’Hara arrived onstage softly singing “Danny Boy.”

She told the assembled Hollywood A-listers who were vying for attention for their 2014 movies, “There’s only one person who has control over what you get and what it’s made of,” she said, “and that’s the devil himself.”

Both Neeson and Eastwood each confessed to having a crush on the Irish beauty. Neeson described her as "one of the true legends of cinema" and "one of the most adventurous women who ever lived," noting the actress did her own stunts on screen.

When Neeson handed her the Oscar, O’Hara asked in disbelief "What's this?!"

"I only hope it's silver or gold and not like a spoon out of the kitchen," she said.

She thanked the three major men in the racing life, Charles Laughton, John Wayne, and John Ford for their assistance in her career.

But after she was cut short, she objected (“Oh no, you have to give me a few more minutes”), spoke a little more, then was cut short again, and her microphone was unclipped from her dress and the band started playing.