Having battled breast cancer, the Irish American actress most famously known for her role of Abby Lockhart in “ER”, will return to TV in ABC’s legal drama “The Whole Truth”.

Last year Maura Tierney had to bow out of her involvement in the NBC’s family drama “Parenthood” to undergo treatment for breast cancer but she is now well enough to work. Entertainment Weekly has reported that her cancer is in remission.

Tierney will replace Joely Richardson as the deputy bureau chief of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. The show will hit our screens this fall.

Richardson had played the lead role in the drama for the pilot episode but recently announced that she would be leaving the show to spend more time with her family. This year has been a particularly tragic one for Richardson whose sister, Natasha Richardson, and her aunt Lynn both died.

The new show, “The Whole Truth”, is a new twist on the standard “Law and Order” type show. Each show will follow a case from the perspective of the defense and the prosecution. Tierney will play opposite Rob Morrow, of “Numb3rs” fame.


Maura Tierney returns to TV work