"Fool’s Gold" actor Matthew McConaughey is developing "Rooster Tales" for 20th Century Fox — an animated comedy about a beer-drinking sheriff who marries a much younger woman from Mexico, only to realize the relationship also involves taking on her 114-strong family.

McConaughey  said: "My brother's life is so unbelievable, we had to animate it.”

Mike ‘Rooster’ McConaughey will serve as executive producer on the series, which was the subject of a bidding war between several studios. Matthew, 40, recently revealed he is trying to give 16-month-old son Levi – his child with partner Camila Alves – an upbringing as similar to his childhood as possible.

He said: “We want to get him out into the world and make sure he's not held back in any way. We are privileged enough to be able to live someplace where we have a lot of nature around us. He's outdoors as much as he's indoors.

"That's how I was raised, because we were raised in the country. But not every place has that. I like the city. I enjoy it. But I also want some space. He's going to be out in the middle of it, too. He'll be getting salty soon.”