Matt Damon will play the role of Michael Douglas' lover in a movie about gay piano legend Liberace, set for release in 2012.

It is quite a change for the Irish American macho star used to playing souped-up testosterone roles such as the cop in 'The Departed' and the Bourne Identity flicks.

Douglas who will play the flamboyant Liberace is looking forward to having Damon as his gay partner.

“I’m just going to get really comfortable so it’s not a caricature,” Michael said. “Matt Damon’s going to be my younger lover. God bless Matt.

“He’s right to take chances. It’s smart trying to mix it up a bit and maintain the franchise and get to do a picture that turns you on,” he said.

Douglas likes the fact that he is taking fewer roles in recent times. “I’m no longer obsessed about work and I’ve been enjoying time with my family. I love not having to worry about my career,” he said.

“I’m returning to work now, but since I married Catherine it’s been tough to get me out of the house.”

Liberace is set for release sometime in 2012.