The stars are lining up to appear on one of NBC's most popular shows, "30 Rock".

Although producers are keeping tight-lipped about the finale, rumors are circulating that the "The Bourne Identity" star, Matt Damon, is set to steal the heart of Liz - Tina Fey - after she meets him, the man of her dreams, at a wedding marathon.

In the finale Damon plays an airline pilot who appears on the show and is a huge fan of "The Girly Show".

Apparently he will also return to kick off the first episode of the fall.

The show has had a slew of big names the past few weeks.

On the Mother's Day special on May 6 Buzz Aldrin, Anita Gillette and Jan Hooks all showed face time and the show was an instant hit.

Gillette played Liz's mom. Liz tried to set up her mother with her former lover, Buzz Aldrin.

On May 20 Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore and Michael Sheen all make an appearance.