Matt Damon is in talks to star in a new biopic of Robert F. Kennedy with Gary Ross of “Seabiscuit” directing and Steven Knight of “Eastern Promises” writing the script.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the movie, based on the Evan Thomas biography ‘His Life,’ will delve deep into RFK's life during his younger days right up until the day he was assassinated in 1968.

Although it is not clear, it is assumed that Damon will play RFK.

This movie would follow Emilio Estevez’ biography” Bobby,” which was released in 2006, and did very well in the box office. The whole movie took place on the day the younger Kennedy was shot and it mainly focused on the people around him.

Fleming also reports that Chris Columbus and his 1492 Pictures team are working on a movie focused on Kennedy's presidential campaign, called “The Last Campaign.”

Other movie stars that have played RFK include Martin Sheen in the 1974 television movie “The Missiles of October,” Casey Affleck in 'The Kennedy's of Massachusetts' and Dave Fraunces played RFK in “Bobby.”