Ciara Sexton
Photo: courtesy Diddlyi
By Caitlin Buck, Feis America LLC Contributor

I found out today that now offers online Master Workshops with three truly fantastic instructors. The master instructors include: five time World Champion & All Ireland Champion and Lord of the Dance 3D star Ciara Sexton, Riverdance star and TCRG Shane McAvinchey, and Riverdance star and Dancing Thru The Ages co-producer, director, and choreographer Paula Goulding.
Each instructor has a unique master class: Dance Like Sexton, Hard Shoe Bootcamp, Train Like a Champion, and Improve Your Dancing. These workshops allow dancers to, “Get extensive training with Irish Dance Masters as steps, movements & drills are broken down in detail. You may go at your own pace, at your own time and repeat as often as you like until you are happy to move on!” Shane McAvinchey explains.

Using the master classes on Diddlyi is akin to the CLRG-approved instructional Olive Hurley videos or the Jean Butler Master Class DVD. In other words your dance teacher shouldn’t mind at all if you try out a master class because the focus is on essential technique and skills.

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Kaitlyn S. shares in a review that her, “Teacher told me that I have improved very much by watching and practicing with these videos. These videos have helped me get to preliminary championships faster.”

These master classes offer, “The extra support that many Irish dancers, basic to advanced, need so you can push yourself to get better, practice in your own time and see styles from other teachers. And Diddlyi is obviously a perfect solution for the many Irish dancing fans around the world who do not have access to proper tuition. (Or funds for scores of private lessons.) Most of all, we hope it helps you have more fun Irish dancing.”

All of the master classes are on sale at the moment! Go investigate and check out the deals at

For a taste of the Ciara Sexton master class here are a couple videos (below) of her responding to interview questions on her tremendously successful dancing career and advice for other dancers:

Irish Dance Like Ciara Sexton

Irish Dance Like Ciara Sexton (Part II)

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