READ MORE-Mary Byrne, the ‘new SuBo’, now favorite to win 'X Factor'

Irish contestant Mary Byrne was voted off the “X Factor” last night ending her dream to win the competition. Mary lost out to Cher Lloyd in the sing-off after the pair landed in the bottom two last night.

Mary performed James Brown's “It's a Man's World”, while 17-year-old Lloyd sang Britney Spears ballad Every-time.

After the two powerful performances, the judges made their decision about who they were sending onto next weeks final.

Mary's mentor Louis Walsh, picked the former Tesco worker over Cher saying "Mary was incredible, she was emotional."

Next Dannii Minogue cast her vote and decided to save Cher saying that her performance “tugged at her heart-strings”

Lloyd's menor, Cherly Cole stood by the teenager and sent Mary home explaining: “This is really difficult because Mary you have always touched me with your vocal and you know that. You are two completely different acts that we would not compare in the real world.”

“But Cher is my girl and I backed her from the start and I will until the end.” she added.

Simon Cowell agreed with the two female judges and gave Cher a place in the final, explaining to Mary: “This is quite straightforward. Mary I have supported you from the beginning and tonight proved what a good singer you are.”

“Cher, I actually liked that song you just sang. It was like hearing you for the first time. The act I'm sending through to the final is Cher,” he said.

Last night's result means Cher will now join Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction in next weekends final.

Fans of the Dublin singer are gutted after she was booted off the show and there are now calls for a civic reception to be held in Dublin to welcome the singer home.

Mary told ITV1's Lorraine show today that she would not be returning to her old job in Tesco.

When Lorraine Kelly asked the single mother if she planned to return to her job she said: "No, I don't think so. I'm hoping I'll get an album and get a new single out.

"I'm looking forward to the tour. It's going to be such fun and being back in Dublin," she added.

Speaking about her experience on the show she said: “The build up to that one night and one song is so hard. I always said the highs are higher than the lows. I enjoyed every moment of it. I feel that for me that was my winning night. That was my final and I enjoyed it.”

READ MORE-Mary Byrne, the ‘new SuBo’, now favorite to win 'X Factor'