“Stella Days” star Martin Sheen enjoyed a lunch of monkfish with President Michael D Higgins in the ‘West Wing’ of the official president's residence on Thursday in Dublin.

The Irish president extended the invitation to the Hollywood actor as gratitude for the support Sheen offered during his presidential race last year.

"I was a big supporter of Michael and we saw him this afternoon. He came back from London and invited us to his house.

"He cooked. It was great. We had some wonderful fish -- I think it was monkfish," Sheen told the Irish Independent.

Sheen was in Dublin for a special screening of his latest film “Stella Days” at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. On Thursday night, President Higgins attended the screening of the movie which was filmed in Ireland. Sheen plays the part of Fr Daniel Barry, a movie loving priest in 1950s Ireland, who dreams of bringing Hollywood screenings to his rural community in Co. Tipperary

Directed by Thaddeus O'Sullivan, “Stella Days” stars Irish actors Stephen Rea and Amy Huberman. .

Watch the ‘Stella Days’ official trailer below: