The Hollywood legend is surprised by Charlie's recent admission that he'd like to run to be the American leader next year and make his father Vice President and his running mate.

While Martin is "honoured" his son hold him in such high regard, he has no interest in starting a career in politics.

Asked about his son's ambitions at We Day UK on Thursday (05.03.15), he told BANG Showbiz: "Well it's news to me. I'm honoured that he'd choose me to be Vice President.

"I don't have any personal interest in politics beyond supporting certain public servants that I greatly admire, including our President Barrack Obama."

The 74-year-old actor - who played the role of the US President in long-running TV series 'The West Wing' - went on to confess he thinks his son should stay focused on his acting rather than politics.

Asked if he thinks Charlie should stick to his day job, he said: "He is very good at it."

Charlie, 49, spoke about his plans to become president during a recent interview after claiming he'd surveyed a small group of his friends who believed it was a great idea and he'd make a great politician.

The 'Anger Management' star explained: "I conducted a poll - it was like 10 guys. In every situation - it doesn't matter the ethics scenario or the social scenario - when I say, 'Hey, what if I ran for president?' It's a hundred percent.

"Guess who my vice president is? My dad.

"It would be Sheen and Sheen 2016. Running on a platform of truth and transparency. Seriously."

Martin was attending We Day UK at The SSE Arena in London which celebrates the potential of young people to implement positive local and global changes. The event was attended by 12,000 students and teachers from more than 550 schools in Britain.

Other celebrities in attendance were Sir Richard Branson, Conor Maynard, Natalie Imbruglia and Princess Beatrice.