Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez recently sat down with to talk about their latest film collaboration. The Way, which is directed by Estevez, portrays the elder Sheen as an American doctor who goes on a pilgrimage of sorts across the Pyrenees Mountains to honor his deceased son and come to terms with the life he lived.

For Sheen, the filming process was itself a spiritual journey as he described the experience as "life changing." The film also helped Sheen reconnect with his paternal roots, as his father came from northern Spain.

When asked how many times Sheen complained about the incessant walking and climbing in the film, Estevez revealed that he tried everything in his power to get the seventy year old to slow down. Estevez joked "if you've seen the film you know how briskly he's walking and I said 'hey man, this is week one and you're running over the Pyrenees.'"

Sheen, who is incredibly proud and vocal about his Irish heritage, is not the only Irish presence in the film. James Nesbitt has a supporting role in the film as an Irish writer trying to overcome his writer's block.

While Charlie's future endeavors remain to be cast in doubt, his father and brother continue to perpetuate the Sheen family legacy in Hollywood with their latest film venture.



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Martin Sheen and his son Emilio EstevezOlalla Lojo