"Shutter Island" director Martin Scorsese says he's inspired by the legendary 1952 movie "The Quiet Man."

And he said that one of the clips in the movie provided the inspiration for one of his own legendary movies, "Raging Bull," which was released in 1980.

That clip shows John Wayne's flashback to when he accidentally killed another boxer in the ring,

"It was an inspiration for a lot of the scenes in 'Raging Bull'. I wanted the effect in the fight scenes in 'Raging Bull' to look like the flashback in 'The Quiet Man,'" Scorsese says.

Scorsese says the Irish movie is "a work of art, a work of poetry, very unique and beautiful."

Scorsese says the storm-lashed scene where John Wayne finally kisses Maureen O'Hara is one of the best kisses in motion pictures.

O'Hare remembers it as well because she spent most of the film trying to hit him!

"When you had to sock Duke you always had to wonder whether he was going to accept it and let you or was he going to strangle you for trying," she says.

Wayne allegedly floored a local while filming in Cong, County Mayo in 1951.

Documentary director Sé Merry Doyle who interviewed Scorcese and O'Hara for his movie, said, "There's a rumour that John Wayne was drinking in the pub when he heard a man making a disparaging remarks about a woman. Wayne, it's said, picked him up on it, and told him it was no way to talk. The local challenged Wayne to a fight for £10 which he won.

"The story is Wayne put the money on the bar as he walked out, leaving the guy on the floor," said Doyle.

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