Mark Wahlberg, action hero extraordinaire, has turned his hand to comedy once more with his role in, “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarland’s new movie “Ted”.

The movie is about about John, a grown man (Mark Wahlberg), and Ted, the adorable teddy bear his childhood wish brought to life (voiced by MacFarlane). The film tells the story of what happens after the happily-ever-after ending of most family-friendly fairy tales when Ted gets between John and his girlfriend (Mila Kunis).

The red-band trailer hit the Internet on Sunday and shows scenes of pot smoking, profane dating advice and some dubious singing about thunderstorms and farts in John’s bed.

Seth McFarland recently spoke to the Huffington Post about his newest movie at the SXSW conference.

He said “One of the great things when we finally got [the effects done], was that Mark was so good and so convincing. When we finally put the bear in, it felt so organic and so real. It would sink or swim on whether you believe these two guys were together.”

So far (at least in this office) it’s swimming. This signature cheeky comedy looks like it’ll do well with summer crowd.

“Ted” will be released in the US on 13th July.

Here’s the NSFW trailer for “Ted” – BE WARNED: STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE -

Mark Walhberg, Ted (Seth McFarland), and Mila Kunis in bed in "Ted"Google Images