Irish American actor Mark Wahlberg envies Seth MacFarlane, his director in Ted, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

MacFarlane is also the creator of multiple television shows, including “Family Guy,” “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show.” In addition to directing Ted, he also wrote and produced the movie and voiced the titular role, a (foul-mouthed) talking teddy bear.

"I'd actually love to see him in front of the camera, as well,” Wahlberg said of MacFarlane. “He's a really funny guy and an amazing actor. I was kind of surprised and jealous on a daily basis at what he is capable of doing and how good [sic] he does it."

Mila Kunis, Wahlberg’s co-star in Ted who has also worked with MacFarlane on 'Family Guy,' heaped similar praise on her director, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"I don't think there is anything that he can't do,” she said. “I truly don't. Of all the people that I know, he is one of the most talented human beings, and not like, talented in the way that he'll try anything. But he'll try and succeed, he's so good.”

Ted hit theatres across the US this weekend and arrives in Ireland Aug. 1.

Watch the trailer for Ted here:

Mark Walhberg, Ted (Seth McFarland), and Mila Kunis in bed in "Ted"Google Images