The pair worked together during the filming for 'Ted 2' and Mark praised the American football star, revealing that the quarterback put in an "amazing" performance.

He said: "Just shot another movie here [in Boston]. We shot 'Ted 2.'

And we have an amazing performance from none other than the greatest quarterback of all time. Tom [Brady] is in the movie.

"He plays himself, but he does an amazing job. Funny, funny moment.

"There were moments where I was always improvising when doing the scene with him. There are times I’m supposed to be a super fan, so I’m trying to calm myself down before I knock on his door. But I’m pretending that I don’t know who he is. I keep saying he looks like different people."

Mark stars as John Bennett, the film's main protagonist, and revealed that the football star has eyes "bluer than Daytona Beach".

Speaking on 'Bill Simmons’ B.S. Report', Mark said: "Then of course, I’m playing an air conditioning guy, so I’m asking him to sign the paper, and I ask him if he can sign that to me and Ted and put No. 12 there, and can you put ‘Eli Manning sucks.’

"And can you put ‘Wes Welker is a traitor,’ and we keep playing around and playing around.

"I’m staring at his eyes, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they’re bluer than Daytona Beach on 'MTV Spring Break.''

"He did a great job, really funny."