After initial comments in the beginning of March about a possible sequel to the box-office hit “The Fighter,” Mark Wahlberg has yet again confirmed the making of another movie during his “Guy Movie of the Year” acceptance speech. Despite criticism of trying to re-create another “Rocky” series, the production team seems to have every intention of straying away from the legendary saga. According to Popwatch, Wahlberg insists that, “We’re not going to do “Fighter” 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, but we’re going to do 2.”

Aside from the obvious monetary benefits for creating a sequel - ‘The Fighter,’ released in October 2010, grossed over $129 million worldwide - the audience is reminded that ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward’s greatest fighting moment wasn’t even featured in the first film. Regarding those very memorable fights with Arturo Gatti, Wahlberg claims that “we left [those] fights out for a reason...because that’s for ‘Fighter 2’.


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The response to attempting to finish off such a great film seems to be mixed and compared with the fate of the “Rocky’ movies. Just as Sylvester Stallone made his career through the Rocky Balboa character, critics are questioning whether Wahlberg wants to do the same with his. In addition, other believe that there’s not much else the second film could resolve. The original ‘Fighter’ was more about the Ward family and less about Ward himself as a boxer, and the family’s drama seemed to be finished at the end of the first film.

On the other hand, why not create a sequel? Now would be the best time for Wahlberg to do it considering his prime physical state. And, as Popwatch claims, “If you can’t build a solid movie around the Gatti-Ward bloodbaths, you shouldn’t be in the movie business.”