The man who spent the last hours of Boyzone star Stephen Gately's life with him and his husband has broken his silence.

Bulgarian model Georgi Dochev said he met the couple in a Majorcan gay club before heading back to the couple's apartment and having sex. He also told how the next morning he and Stephen's partner Andy Cowles had sex, unaware the Boyzone singer was lying dead next door.

Dochev, 25, insists all three men were comfortable with their actions on the night, October 10, and were simply "enjoying themselves."

He said: "All three of us were totally comfortable with what happened. It wasn't anything sleazy. It was three consenting adults enjoying themselves."

Although Gately died suddenly and unexpectedly of natural causes, Dochev said the former Boyzone star was drinking Champagne and wine on the night of his death and appeared drunk. He also said when back at the apartment he owned with Cowles, 32, on the Spanish holiday island, Gately had rolled a cigarette Dochev  believed was filed with pure marijuana.

Dochev added to Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I think he made the joint with pure marijuana - I didn't seem him mix in any tobacco, and it had a really strong smell."

He also told of how he is haunted that he didn't try to wake the former pop star sooner, after he was awakened by the apartment's doorbell at 8 a.m.

He continued: "I got up and looked into the living room and saw Stephen and Andy still lying there and I just thought, 'it's not my house, I can't answer the door.' "I don't know if Stephen was already dead. Of course I think about what might have happened if I had tried to wake them.

He also explained what happened before they discovered Gately wasn't breathing.

"At 12 I got up. I went into the other room where Andy had been sleeping. I was naked and he said to me 'you look cold, why don't you get into bed?' "One thing led to another and we had sex for about an hour. We couldn't have known Stephen was probably already dead."

Dochev also detailed Cowles' blind panic after they discovered something was wrong.

"Andy touched him and said gently, 'baby, baby.' But there was no reaction. Then he picked him up and we noticed there was a yellowish liquid around his mouth and on the sofa where he had been lying.

"But it was impossible to give him first aid. His body was stiff and his jaw was rigid."

Dochev had at this point called emergency services and the police soon appeared to examine the body.

Gately was buried a week later in an emotional ceremony in Dublin, Ireland.