Starring Irish American Alison Fraser, “Love Therapy” examines what happens in session when fantasy becomes reality. The play now showing at the DR2 Theatre, in New York City, looks behind the closed doors of therapist Colleen Fitzgerald’s therapy room.

Performed by David Bishins, Christopher Burns, Alison Fraser, Margot White and Janet Zarish, written by Australian Wendy Beckett and directed by Evan Bergman this new play looks at what a therapist really thinks and feels.

Insistent that love is at the core of good therapy, Colleen’s clients thrive under her care until boundaries are blurred and love eventually sours. Nobody is ever quite what they seem, and even in therapy some can hide the truth.

Running through May 25th the play has been called “Raw, authentic and realistic” by and “Seductive and thought provoking” by WCBS Radio.

Play showing at DR2, until May 25.

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