Directed by Scott Stewert, “Priest” follows a specially trained warrior priest (Paul Bettany) who must take on vampires in order to save his kidnapped niece (Lily Collins).

Speaking about the upcoming film, Maggie Q , real name Margaret Quigley,and Paul Bethany agreed on their favorite scene.

"There so many," Maggie Q told MTV. "I guess the train sequence, where everybody is kind of into it, is pretty great," she said. "They're on the train, and then she [Maggie's character] is on the bike. I thought the editing was genius."

Bethany agreed that the train sequence is “pretty extraordinary,".

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"I thought it was really cool when Paul [Bettany] and Karl [Urban] are on top of the train," Lily Collins said of the pivotal scene. "I remember the day they shot that, and it looks epic from far away," she said. "I remember how hard it was to choreograph that. It was like a dance on wires.

“It looks really, really cool. I feel like my stunt scenes are cool too, but visually I think that one looked really awesome."

See Paul Bethany discuss the role below.