When Madonna heads to Dublin next week for her Irish stop in her worldwide MDNA tour, she’ll be bringing a list of specific demands that need to be met in her backstage area at the Aviva Stadium.

The Irish Sun
reports that the queen of pop is requesting “Flowers to be cut to exactly six inches in height; twenty international phone lines at her disposal; that the fabric in her quarters must be fragranced with pink roses and lilies; and that all furniture must be removed from the rooms and replaced with Madonna’s own pieces which she’ll have shipped in.”

An insider said to the Irish Sun that “Stars don’t come much bigger than Madonna and her requests and requirements reflect that.”

“She even ships in her own furniture for her dressing room and requests that it be decked out in materials of her choice ahead of her arrival.”

“Madonna is a perfectionist and she wants her backstage area at the Aviva ‘just so’ and decorated with roses and lilies before she takes to the stage.”

Madonna will be reportedly staying at the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin during her stay in Ireland. Her 200-person entourage, which includes 30 bodyguards, chefs and a physiotherapist, will be staying around Dublin as well in other accommodations.

Many are wondering if Madonna will offer up some more controversial antics during her Dublin show as she’s caused quite a stir on other stops during her worldwide MDNA tour. The singer flashed a nipple to a largely Islamic audience in Istanbul, and later in Paris superimposed an image of swastika onto a photo of far-right leader Marine Le Pen.