Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are en route to selling out two nights at the Dublin O2 Arena (The Point) due to “unprecedented demand.”
, in Ireland, maintains the reason for this is “two words, Thrift Shop.” So far the charity shopping guide song, including a low-budget video, has made it number one in nine countries and it’s now getting major airplay on Irish radios. So far the tune has over 301 million views on YouTube.

Of course in the United States Macklemore, aka Ben Harper (29), from Seattle, who is Irish American, and his partner in crime Ryan Lewis have become well known as record breakers.

The pair are set to make history at Billboard as their single “Can’t Hold Us” is following “Thrift Shop’s” success. They may become the first duo ever to have the first two Hot 100 Singles.

Similarly in Ireland they’re making an impact on the charts with “Can’t Hold Us” in the at number three spot in the singles chart and their new album “The Heist” in at number six.

A second night in Dublin is scheduled for September 14. Tickets go on sale at on Friday, May 17.

Here’s the video for “Can’t Hold Us”: