Harry Potter's Evanna Lynch will be the star of the show at the Irish premiere of The Half-Blood Prince this week.

More than 800 fans are expected to descend on the Savoy cinema in Dublin for the premiere.

However, the young Irish actress - who plays Luna "looney" Lovegood is keeping her feet firmly on the ground amidst the Potter hype.

Evanna, who still attends high school in Drogheda, County Louth, says she hopes to continue acting long after the Potter franchise finishes.

The down-to-earth teenager said: "I will keep trying for roles but you can't take it for granted."

"It might be that you were just right for a certain part."

Evanna has wowed the critics with her performance of the other-worldly Luna.

She famously won the role after taking part in an open casting call in London in 2006.

In fact, Potter author JK Rowling was so taken by her performance that she expanded Luna's role and now Luna has her own following in the
Potter world.

"It's an honor for me," she said, "she is a small part but I wouldn't want to play anyone else."