Lucy Lawless, best known for her role as "Xena; Warrior Princess," is hoping to reprise her role on the big screen.

Lucy said she is afraid fans of her rocking body and kick-ass moves will lose interest in the fantasy series if it's only revived for television.

The New Zealand-born actress with strong Irish roots has thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of the warrior pin-up diva in the cult series. But now, she says, it's time for her to hit the big screen.

"I love that character," she says. "I would do it if it was a movie. I doubt I would do it as a TV series. I can't see how you would make it fresh."

"By the time somebody does come up with that I'm just going to be too old. And I'm really sad about that. I feel like it's a completely wasted franchise."

We don't care what age you'll be Lucy, we'll still go to see you!