Irish film actress Saoirse Ronan has expressed her deep rooted love and respect for one of Hollywood's eccentric directors, Quentin Tarantino and her desire to be cast in one of his films.

The 17-year-old actress was first exposed to Tarantino out of the norm work with the film "Pulp Fiction."

"It really blew my mind," the "Lovely Bones" star said, "Each of his films are a collection of styles - which I think is great."

The young actress has been featured in critically acclaimed films like "Atonement" and "Hanna," and hopes to one day collaborate with the "Inglorious Bastards" director.

"I haven’t worked with him but I’d love to. I’ve talked to people who have and they all say he’s mad and that it’s fantastic fun working with him."

The Telegraph reported that Ronan admires an array of things about Tarantino's films. She said they are strong in the editing aspect, the music, the dialogue and the bizarre acting style.

"He completely understands what he wants and he knows his characters extremely well," Ronan said.

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She said there is no other quite like the "Kill Bill" creator and there are no other movies in Hollywood that resemble the man's work.

The Irish starlet looks forward to one day being a part of the ensembles that she believes attribute in a large part to the success of his films, saying that the film maker's ability to read and connect with the actors makes it easy for them to know work smoothly.

The director is known for recruiting his old alumni for new films to make use of the already built connection, but Ronan can only hope that her name will soon be added to the cast of a Tarantino film.