Bill O'Reilly can add another moniker to his already crowded list: best selling author. The pugnacious pundit’s books about dead presidents is bookstore catnip. Each time he writes one, he gets a bestseller.

Publishers Henry Holt and Co. are over the moon, sending out all-capital press releases that aren't big on subtlety: 'BILL O’REILLY DOMINATES NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST WITH THREE SIMULTANEOUS NONFICTION HARDCOVERS IN THE TOP FIVE SPOTS,' their most recent one thundered.

According to the LA Times, O'Reilly's current chart-topping books about dead presidents include:

Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot (2012) at Number 1 on Hardcover Nonfiction.

Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever” (2011) at Number 5 on Hardcover Nonfiction.

And for younger readers, Lincoln's Last Days (2012) at Number 1 on the Children's chapter book bestseller list.

The latter book is a children's version of Killing Lincoln.

O'Reilly has co-authors for his books. Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln were co-written by Martin Dugard, and co-writer Dwight Jon Zimmerman helped O'Reilly out on Lincoln's Last Days.

In its review, found Killing Kennedy to be Kennedy for Beginners, writing, 'Most of this surprisingly dumbed-down book is a biographical rehash of the Kennedy story that will contain nothing new for even casual readers of People magazine and viewers of Kennedy soap opera biopics over the years.'

Nonetheless, the book has reportedly sold 2 million copies (including e-books and audiobooks) since its October debut.

Here's a clip of Bill O'Reilly reading an extract of "Killing Kennedy ", the audio book, thanks to Macmillan Audio

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