The man who accused Louis Walsh of sexual assault has been arrested – after he admitted making up the allegations.

The 24-year-old single father had accused Walsh of groping him in the toilet of a Dublin nightclub.
CCTV footage however proved that Westlife manager Walsh wasn’t even in the toilets at the same time as his accuser.

Presented with the evidence at his Navan home, the man admitted to making the entire story up.
He now faces jail on charges of wasting police time and making a false statement.

X Factor judge Walsh has been officially informed by Irish police that all allegations have been dropped against him.

He has welcomed the news and announced that he will take libel action against the Sun newspaper which first published the story.

“I have robustly maintained from the outset that this alleged incident did not occur,” said Walsh.

“This whole story has been deeply disturbing for me from start to finish. I thank everyone who has offered me support during this ordeal, it was overwhelming.

“While I obviously welcome today’s confirmation from the Garda (police) that the matter has been dropped, I remain outraged that this story ran in the first place in the Sun.

“I have instructed my libel lawyer to vigorously pursue legal action against the paper and they will also be taking action in relation to a number of other equally serious related matters.

“I have no intention of letting this matter rest until I have received total and absolute vindication.”

The complainant is being questioned at a Dublin police station after admitting the allegation against Walsh was entirely made up.

He has now claimed that he was sexually assaulted by another man in the toilets of Krystle nightclub and police are to investigate these latest allegations.

The man was arrested at his home in Navan on Monday night.

Walsh returns to work as a judge on UK version of the X Factor at auditions in Cardiff on Wednesday.


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