Lorna Byrne, the Irish author of the international bestseller ‘Angels in My Hair,’ is set to make her big break in the US this year through a book deal she just signed with a division of Simon & Schuster.

Lorna Byrne, who says she has been seeing angels for her entire life, first burst onto the scene in 2008 with her first book ‘Angels in My Hair.’ She had kept her gift a secret until then, but now uses it  not only for books but for speaking engagements around the world as well.

She told an interviewer, “I feel privileged that the angels enabled me to see them so clearly. They are there and they have taught me everything."

"The angels kept me away from people and from other children too. They said they didn't want me contaminated by human contact. And that wasn't hard. I had the angels.

"I would wander off somewhere; to my room or to the bottom of the garden. If I was with a group they would talk to me without words. They were my friends. My best companions."

Atria Books, under the leadership of Judith Curr, will bring Byrne’s second bestseller ‘A Message of Hope from the Angels’ stateside this year.

The Irish Independent reports on the new deal that is sure to make Byrne a household name in the States. Atria Books will bring Byrne’s book, ‘A Message of Hope from the Angels,’ to the United States. Currently, the book is sitting comfortably at the top of Ireland’s best selling books list and has held the spot for 12 weeks now, a considerable accomplishment.

Byrne has a strong team backing her break into the US market. Personally handling her book is vice president and publisher of Atria Books, Judith Curr. Curr was the editor for the international smash hit ‘The Secret.’

"I have been eager to be Lorna's American publisher since reading her memoir,” said Curr, “and I am thrilled that I will now be able to bring her message of hope to the public.”

‘Angels in My Hair’ has been translated into 26 languages and has sold in more than 50 countries, with total sales now exceeding half a million copies. Future speaking engagements will take her to corners of the world including Helsinki, Zagreb, and New York.

Her US book release will come prior to the Christmas season and Byrne will be on many top television shows to help publicize ‘A Message of Hope from the Angels.’ While the book has already been translated into eleven different languages, Atria Books is confident that her American debut will garner a new legion of followers for Byrne.

Here's an interview with Lorna Byrne on TV3: